About the Project

Conversations are a vital part of who we become. 
DeePr is a mobile application that provides a database of questions for a wide variety of social settings. DeePr kicks out small talk and invites in more meaningful conversations. I created a iOS application that would allow users to interact with other users as well as pull knowledge from the existing database. Explore the steps of my process below. 

Discovery Process ---- Designing Process ---- Developing Process ---- Final Prototype

Initially, I sent out a general survey to gauge an idea on how people felt about conversations or asking questions. What is the best and worst part of having a conversation? When do you have conversations the most? I wanted to get an idea on the biggest issues behind having more engaging and inspiring conversations. 


Green is a color that represents growth. 
The green brings the education element to DeePr. The mobile solution can be used as a way to help users become better conversationalists by providing insight. I created the logo, adding in a glass green piece within the hardened black to show that more meaningful questions help break down barriers and create relationships. The "P" is also a vertically deeper "D"

The persona profile is centered on millennials who want to live a more purposeful life. Leah wants to find meaning in her conversations and develop quality relationships. 



As I started user testing my initial lo-fi wireframes, I found that my users spoke well to the simplistic design and intuitive directions. Many users found difficulty sorting through the many different activities, so I focused on creating hierarchy within the choices to allow for simpler navigation. 



Next Steps

My next steps are to focus on mobile to mobile interaction, so the questions are more focused on the users whom are interacting. I also want to add in the ability to create "thought groups." Thought groups are virtual communities that get together to brainstorm ideas and inspire each other. 


Interactive Prototype