Aquarium Research

Our team went onsite to the aquarium to explore the many different galleries where diver inventory is kept. There were over a dozen galleries, and each gallery had their own set of inventory items. It is important that inventory is kept track of respective to their galleries due to contamination issues. Currently, the dive operations team is using an excel document along with physical checklists to update their inventory and do maintenance. 

Data Synthesis

Our field research, surveys, and diver interviews led us to our problem. 

We explored and research many different inventory and maintenance systems to get a feel on the features necessary to design our system. Zoho Inventory was simple and full of color, but focused on inventory. Maintenance connect was focused on maintenance. We needed a system that would accommodate both. 

Our solution required notification systems as well as search filtering functionality in which we used Google Calendar's notification options and Macy's filtering as models for our designs. 


Design & Iterations

Main Dashboard Iterations (3 Dashboard to 1 Dashboard)

Our biggest finding was being able to integrate three separate dashboards (main, inventory, and maintenance) into a single dashboard. 

Search Results Iterations (Global to Page Specific Search Functionality)

After speaking with the head developer, we found global search functionalities were not an option. This forced our team to think of alternate solutions to enable our divers to still find specific items. We allowed for two solutions. (1) Page specific search function and (2) All gallery items page. 

Request Pop-Up Iteration (Global Request and Tailored Request Pop-Up)

We found that the request button was preferred on the global navigation so that divers can access the pop-up at any stage in their process. We also tailored our pop-up to fit our divers needs and preferences. 


Final System Design

Finally, our team created one single system that encompassed most of our divers needs regarding inventory and maintenance. Three main processes are highlighted below with user flows and prototype videos. 

Next Steps & Recommendations

Our biggest request from our divers during our last iteration was to create a tablet version of the program so divers may be able to take the checklists out onto the field. We designed the system in a way that makes integration with their existing dive log and development system possible. 

Special Thanks to my Amazing Team - Celine Park, Lauren LaRochelle, Bridget Shields.

My Role: Lead UX Researcher, but assisted my teammates in All aspects of visual design and information architecture.