About the Project

For our project, our team was tasked with designing a mobile solution for Oakland Cemetery. Oakland Cemetery is absolutely beautiful in architecture and rich in history. This site is a popular tourist spot here in Atlanta. 

Discovering the Problem

My team went out onto the field multiple times to identify some of the main issues our users encountered. We spoke with visitors and asked about their current experience. The cemetery provides a physical map for a fee as well as a mobile app where you can purchase resident information, but all of our users explored the cemetery without it. 

We found that a majority of our users visited the cemetery to explore and adventure on their own. They didn't want a specific guide to tell them where, but they wanted to learn about the residents and spots they cared about. 

Our field research led us to the biggest issues. Many users were unsure how to navigate the Oakland Cemetery, often getting lost. We wanted to combine the desire to adventure but also provide a way for users to navigate when they were lost. 

User Personas

User Flows & Happy Path

The Collaborative Sketching Process

Through our collaboration process, our team was able to cohesively put our ideas together on how our design would look. 

Mid-Fidelity Wireframes

Final Design

special thanks to my teammates: Adam Church and kaela burns

my role: lead project manager and researcher. I also spearheaded data synthesis and story-telling.